profile summer 15I love to write about nature, love and loss; spirituality and the soul; about things that want to grow wild and free and wriggle away from modernity with all its trappings of homogenisation that erode individual quirks that make life interesting and the simple gorgeousness of raw humanity, stripped of masks.

Amongst other things, I have two secret hankerings; one, to find a tiny teepee in the middle of a forest and go live in it and two;  I have a secret hankering to be a pirate (the old sort with peglegs and parrots and a weakness for grog).**

I have also been involved in a spiritual journey for some time*** and see this being as necessary to the human condition as breathing.  What happens over the next few years is anyone’s guess, but I believe it vital that people act from the heart as much as possible.

~With love, compassion and gratitude — may your journey through this life be one of beauty.~

*I would probably need to be within walking distance of a pub.

** I don’t really want to be a pirate.  Just a pretend one without the scurvy.  

*** Some stories and thoughts on my spiritual path are here:  http://dustfromadistantmoon.blogspot.co.uk/

For other oddities:  http://sazcast.blogspot.co.uk/

And poetry readings:  https://soundcloud.com/spiralpapermoon


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  1. That is hilarious and also well said. Cheers.

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