What if Infinite Night Existed Within You?

What if infinite night existed within you?
Your mechanical dance with the physical world
simply a dream – deathless eyes that drink it all in.

What if, when your fingers fumble with that envelope,
You find that it splits open to reveal
all of the best memories you ever had, whole again;

What if, when I reach out to touch your hand, stories
Tumble out, yours and mine, aching to be told.

What if we could all see each other like this, soul-naked, behind
the masks and pain and songs of separation.

I hold you and you stroke my face as though seeing me for the first time.

Your eyes speak of a thousand things;
that time you lived on a boat, clambered up masts,
sea-spray glistening on your forearms,
long black hair whipped into a frenzy of storms

(This is how I’ll remember you –
bodies are just temporary shells after all
and you’re bigger than that –
you’re the wind and the sea and the lighthouse, ship and Siren;
the infinite All.)

What if infinite night existed within you, endless stars and dear-held dreams?
You smile but there is fear in your eyes and I have no words to take it away.

© 2015. Sarah Horne. All Rights Reserved.


~ by Story on October 29, 2015.

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