For a lover

You whirled into my life all trouble and strife
and my head and my heart came apart
you undid my soul and my sex came alive and
I knew it was doomed but I continued to dive
because we get one life and one wild chance to stay up
all night and continue this dance
and you sang to me deep in my heart and my soul
and I never wanted to part
and my body dissolved – became a murmuration of birds taking
flight throughout dusk and all of the night
and our love became colours of orange and red, the taste citrus sweet
as we sated our thirst and feasted like kings
and I was rudely interrupted by the sound of my heart who
– upon learning I was with someone new – set about to undo
any hope I had of my emotions not getting involved
My body sought sanctum amid the eye of the storm
And you held me until my resolve became worn
and I told you I loved you so many times but my words left my lips
colder each time and the words like paper, tore, became crumpled
and fell to the floor, bruised, their purpose unused.
And after we lay wrapped in a velvet cocoon
you once again put back the armour that you swore
would always protect your heart from hurt – nothing I could do
And I miss your eyes and your face and your smile lying
with my head on your chest all the while.

— But what I miss most is the way that you held me 

— keeping me safe from the world.


~ by Story on June 5, 2017.

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