in progress: version #1

Outside tonight, I breathe heady scents
that take me through a portal to a world I once danced with.
The moon calls to me too, and I want to be wolf-like
and gulp lungfuls of air. My senses keening;
my bones hunger for the hunt, for crawling
on my belly through tall grasses. And at once
I am flooded with memories
– or am I dreaming? – of ecstatic
dances and drumbeats that reverberate
within my womb. Shamans and
wise women murmur to the spirits
of plants and I soar over hills, valleys, trees –
aware of the slithering of snake; sensing
the awkward gait of crow. I listen to the stories
of stones, flanked by shadows that dart and stalk, unfettered.

Later, I pad back inside where my shadow hangs, silently
waiting to be free from its dark-hued slumber.

© 2011. Sarah Horne. All Rights Reserved.


~ by Story on July 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “in progress: version #1”

  1. You paint quite the scene.

  2. thanks! 🙂 it’s ace to have some feedback, it’s just been me and the spam comments now for a while! 🙂

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